The Prince and the Pauper (extd_grb_injoke) wrote,
The Prince and the Pauper

An addendum to Other Project Filler...

As Mad Scientist types go, The Necromancer of Awesome is at the fairly benign end of the scale. He's not out for World Conquest or Revenge On Those Fools At The Academy. He just wants to make zombie pirates, zombie ninjas, and zombie dinosaur cyborgs. Because he can.

The Dark Lord Zogmoth thought he was being very Evil indeed when he kidnapped Princess Brytni-Krysteena and forced her to marry him. He started to think it might've been a mistake when she insisted on the pastel pansy wallpaper for the Fortress. But he didn't do anything about it, and by the time he found himself protesting that his Fire-Breathing Skeletal Steed was not meant for chauferring small children to ballet lessons, it was too late. So when he was defeated by a Hero, he ended up leaving his Evil Empire to his daughter Tyfnee.
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