The Prince and the Pauper (extd_grb_injoke) wrote,
The Prince and the Pauper

Well, yeah, no comic today. The... uh... time I thought I'd have to draw last night, I actually ended up being shanghaied by a Christmas party. There were a lot of large men in chain mail there playing 'toss the hobbit'. There were also cupcakes. And mead. Lots of mead.

So here, have this instead:

These are some doodles I've done for the comic I'm going to be drawing after get_medieval, which will be ending sometime around January or February 2008. Yes, I do plan that far in advance. The comic (which I'm not sure would really interest you guys... I think it's geared towards a rather different class of Geek. But here we go anyway) is called Dumnestor's Heroes and consists of a lot of stuff gleaned from watching my friends play Dungeons and Dragons.

Main characters are:

BlackEye Susan (her real name is Daisy, but you didn't hear that from me), who's practically a party in and of herself. She technically ranks as a theif, but is good at using just about anything she's got to hand as a weapon.

Laurien Merutheldior, who used to be an Elvish prince and is now just a tall skinny guy with a bad haircut. How this came about is not so much a long story as it is an embarrassing one.

Koln Wroughtgold, Dwarvish accountant.

Other characters include Sue's family, who are the happiest, nicest, blondest people you could ever imagine existing anywhere; Prince Pollux, who gives the Elves a run for their money at general nanciness; an assortment of magicians who try to join the party only to die at the first monster; gods who can't seem to do anything right; the Gamers, who only appear on Sundays; and the Necromancer of Awesome, who creates zombie pirates just because he can.

See y'all next week.
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